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Cylinder Management Software

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Cylinder Management Software


MicroDreamIT LPG Gas Store Management Software is made to track cylinders and give useful about them. You can get information related to inventory and sale and also refill of your cylinder by using LPG Gas Store Management Software.

You can manage your cylinders and keep effective records related to refilling from different suppliers and also checking the dates of orders for refilling through LPG Gas Store Management Software. All dealers in LPG Gas can use this software on their stations and have proper management of records and update them with ease and perfection.


LPG Gas Store Management Software can make different types of reports with details so that the user can check the details and make plans and arrangements for future actions. Current situation of stock of LPG can also be checked and dates of previous orders and future orders are also recorded to make budgets and plans through this software.

There is a dashboard in LPG Gas Store Management Software in which details about summary and reports of gas business are presented for the user. Important information related with package and refilling is shown in this section with other details.

Sales summary is provided in LPG Gas Store Management Software in which details about the sales are shown. A user can add details of sales and payment and also track the amount of sold gas easily at a glance in this section. Details of customers are given in this section and printing of voucher or invoice is also possible.

Customer module is present in which customers are divided into two categories. Those customers who are related with LPG and those who are general customers are kept separately in reports. Important information related to all the customers including their names and contact details are stored in this section for easy navigation and proper recording.

Purchase summary is available in which details of all the purchases are recorded. Information includes the name of supplier and contact details which can give information when needed. Amount due and paid and date of payment is also recorded in this section through LPG Gas Store Management Software.

Supplier information is presented through LPG Gas Store Management Software which is dividing the suppliers into two categories. Those suppliers which are related to LPG and those suppliers which are generally are shown in this section. Names and contact details of suppliers are shown and a list is made. Users can check these details and also edit them to add new suppliers and eliminate old suppliers if needed.

Product module is present in LPG Gas Store Management Software in which two types of products can be included. One is LPG and other is general so that users can track the details easily. Details about products and their size and other information could be stored in this section. It is easy to search products in this software and writing of name can give all the details about the product. Editing products and adding new products and deleting old products are also possible through this software.

Expense module is available in LPG Gas Store Management Software to track all types of expenses. There are different types of expenses which can be divided in categories to have easy recording and navigation. A user can add expenses and edit them if needed. Records of the salary of employees in the expense section can be made easily.

Reporting section is available in LPG Gas Store Management Software to get complete reports. Reports related with LPG can be obtained easily with details of stock; quantity and refilling and other information are prepared with options of getting prints if needed.

Empty gas cylinders can be managed through LPG Gas Store Management Software so that the user can track the empty gas cylinders and find them when needed. All transactions related with empty gas cylinders can be recorded and managed in this software.

Commission module is included in LPG Gas Store Management Software to make sure that the user can find the commissions. All calculations are accurate and giving details for recording and complete analysis to give information to the user about commissions of companies.

Management can be done through LPG Gas Store Management Software by giving access to certain people to required information. Users can manage different stocks and stores by using this software. Sections are available through which working can be checked and access can be granted and removed for people as per needs.

Returning of a cylinder can be checked and managed through this software. Proper records of cylinders will help in finding the time and types of cylinders which are to be taken to the company in order to return them and get new cylinders when needed.


There are many types of benefits of using LPG Gas Store Management Software due to which it is going to be high in demand and liked by users in many ways.

  • Check your returned cylinders easily
  • Proper management of your business
  • LPG Gas Store Management Software is ideal for any LPG gas store
  • It completes the needs of gas dealers and suppliers
  • Tracking of borrowed cylinders
  • Modules for sale and purchase
  • Control of expenses
  • Refilling
  • Daily reports of working
  • Limited for LPG gas store
  • Complex software
  • Training is needed

LPG Gas Store Management Software is important software which is made by professionals to help the dealers in LPG gas. This software is updated from time to time in order to include more features. Professionals making this software are available all the time to help the users of this software. Training is also provided to workers of companies who will use this software.

Professionals are working to make sure that all the information of the company will be safe and free from unauthorized access. Makers of this software are in business for many years and they are ready to help the users of this software to make sure that their needs could be completed. This is new software in market and users of this software are happy with the results and amazing features.


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