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Reason of Test Driven Development (TDD) with Example

The process of developing new products (PDP) requires management to focus on quality control during product development to minimize production errors and failures. It is appropriate to apply these concepts to the model of software development. Ulrich and Eppinger (2000) state that the organization must decide to build the product, and figure 1 shows their…
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Let’s develop a Laravel Component

Laravel component is added from version 5.4 to make life more easier. This feature was inspired by Vue.js and allows you to simplify building HTML elements into reusable areas. Step by step I will guide you through. Lets think you want to add a alert component. Step 1: Create a file in resources/views/components/alert.blade.php <div class=”alert…
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Laravel Eloquent: Saving two foreign keys at once

Necessary to store multiple foreign keys in single database transaction to minimize database call and queries. Associate function is very important to minimize possibilities of database transactions, and security issue of database transaction. Lets assume you have a table with multiple foreign keys for example, Schema::create(‘deliveries’, function (Blueprint $table) { $table->increments(‘id’); $table->integer(‘client_id’)->unsigned()->index(); $table->foreign(‘client_id’)->references(‘id’)->on(‘clients’)->onDelete(‘cascade’); $table->integer(‘owner_id’)->unsigned()->index(); $table->foreign(‘owner_id’)->references(‘id’)->on(‘owners’)->onDelete(‘cascade’);…
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Install Laravel Dusk

Installing Dusk requires a couple of steps: composer require laravel/dusk After installing the Dusk package, run theĀ dusk:installĀ Artisan command: php artisan dusk:install A Browser directory will be created within your tests directory and will contain an example test. Next, set the APP_URL environment variable in your .env file. This value should match the URL you use…
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