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Reason of Test Driven Development (TDD) with Example

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Reason of Test Driven Development (TDD) with Example

The process of developing new products (PDP) requires management to focus on quality control during product development to minimize production errors and failures. It is appropriate to apply these concepts to the model of software development. Ulrich and Eppinger (2000) state that the organization must decide to build the product, and figure 1 shows their model, which contains 6 phases.

In this above proposed organization of work, the test phase comes before the production phase, the goal is to produce sufficient evidence that the product will satisfy the needs of the client. In software development, the application of TDD focuses on looking for the same target, e.g., when writing the test specifications before coding, the functional requirements are prioritized. Performing the steps in this order is a way to guarantee that the clients’ requirements will be achieved and then apply the coding needed for its operation, promoting even a lean code.



  1. First reason is to fix what you are looking for in every single milestone. If you are using selenium, jesmine front end testing tool then you can fix where to click or type and what will it happen then you can code backend according to.
  2. Minimize client and developer miss understanding. Sometimes client can not make clean project scope in that case so many things happen. Developers do code with having the exact reflection of what client is asking. Client do not know whether developer can delivery what he is after.
  3. Code faster and clean. If you have your test class ready of a certain application then you are certain of our goal.
  4. Test driven development will help you develop maintainable coding structure. For example refactoring, restructuring, memory uses etc will be improved. Even non programmer will understand the goal of an application.
  5. Prevent Bugs. When you are not sure about project scope then bug coding is obvious. Generally client fall in the loop of bug fix and new bug generation.
  6. Run all tests to check cause and effect. When you develop an application you need to change many things that affect other application as well. In that case TDD approach will help you prevent this.
  7. Minimize Development Cost. Its better for a QA to develop test first. So that your developer can proceed next development steps and spend less time fixing bugs.
  8. Better to avoid and wasting time on writing comments. If you have test class ready then you need to write a lot of comment on your application.

Let’s develop registration test in Laravel

We will be developing a registration application for applicant. To start run php artisan make:dusk RegistrationTest

in RegistrationTest.php

public function testExample()
        foreach ($this->roles as $role) {

            if ($role == 2) {

                $this->browse(function (Browser $browser) use ($role) {

    private function inputAsApplicant($browser)
        $faker = Factory::create();
            ->radio('type', 2)
            ->type('name', $faker->name)
            ->type('email', $faker->safeEmail)
            ->type('password', '123123')
            ->type('password_confirmation', '123123')


    private function inputAsRecruiter($browser)

    protected function visitPage($browser)

Then run php artisan dusk to run you test to see necessary bugs and fixes. While you are developing Login application, you may need to change database structure, model etc that will affect your registration process that you will never know or escaped. Registration test will help you catch the bugs.

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